P3Dv4 models of the DWAI Lockheed L-1011

Here is the DWAI Lockheed L-1011 AI aircraft Lua version fully converted for Prepar3D v4 only.
These models were originally developed by Dee Waldron (DWAI) and have been updated as far as can be using the original FS8/FS9 models.

Thanks to Dee Waldron and DWAI team for creating the original model. All copyrights remain with the original creator of the model.

It was realized through cooperation of Alpha India Group. This will not upload to my site, it will be posted by AIG Forum. This is a link.

Download Link DWAI L-1011 P3Dv4 only Model

Download Link DWAI L-1011 Original Model (FS8/FS9 Model)

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