Fatal loss of motivation for Ranmori

I have thoughts about topics that I didn’t bring up in conversations with AI-Traffic enthusiasts.

It’s about copyright.

Keep in mind that this is what I am thinking and does not force other AI-Traffic enthusiasts or other AI-Traffic Groups. I have this idea and do not deny the thoughts of others.

However, it is a fact that my motivation has dropped considerably.

This is a story that did not get permission from the original author, and it does not apply if you have permission or if you are united in group activities. I think it will be “NO” if you don’t get a reply when you ask for permission. There is also a way to ignore it with the expression “NO”.

I have actually done painting by modifying non-existent or similar paints from other paints for personal use. But I never uploaded it. Because it could undermine respect for the author of the original paint.

This has nothing to do with the legal element of copyright, and if the author has a thought that he likes or respects quite a bit, it’s rude to, modify and upload the paint. I can’t do that.

Even if you list the credits of the original author. Rather, in this case it can ruin the quality of the original author. Derivative paints created by third-party modifications from the original author are certainly part of the original author’s work. What do the original authors think of paint that was created in a way that the original author did not intend? That must be absolutely bad.

This also applies to flight plans.

When such modifications become mainstream, they become abundant in demand, and there is a fact that they deprive other painters of the opportunity to participate. It’s also true that normal users of Ai-Traffic enthusiasts don’t care about that part. It emphasizes that it deprives the painter of the opportunity to participate.

It is recommended to paint a new combination of existing paints, such as derivative logos that do not exist, from scratch. I think it’s one of Ai-Traffic’s life to hone your painting skills. If your have the skills to paint freely, it will have a great future.

I think copyright and trademark are different. Copyright is the work of art of the original author, and I don’t think it should be stolen or altered without permission.

Have your ever thought that the paint on the AI-Traffic model was a work of art? And have your ever wondered how much time and effort the original author took to finish the paint? If so, it would be very rude to modify it.

The idea of meeting the needs of various communities is understandable. However, it is incomprehensible that it is diverted or modified from the original author.

Now that my thoughts and head are messed up, it’s going to be a rough sentence. Still thank you for reading to the end. This is part of the hobby and never imposes values on others. But I would be happy if you could keep it in mind.

If left as it is, the site here may disappear in about April after 3 months. The paint needed for the 1998 Project isn’t here, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

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