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Lufthansa Cargo 1990 Early Fleet

For the FAIB 747-200 model. DLH Cargo Boeing 747-200F For the AIA DC-8-73 model. DLH Cargo McDonnell Douglas DC-8-73F Recommended flight plan 1991 Global traffic

Lufthansa 1994 January Fleet

For the FAIB 747-400 Model DLH Boeing 747-400 For the FAIB 747-200 Model DLH Boeing 747-200 For the TFS A340-300 Model DLH Airbus A340-300 For the TFS A340-200 Model DLH Airbus A340-200 For the EVAI DC-10-30C Model [P3Dv4 no support] DLH McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 For the TFS A300 Model DLH Airbus A300-6002019/5/4 Fixed the reverse …

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